Thank You For An Amazing 2023

Pictured above was a highlight of 2023 when Renee and I met the amazing Charles Esten at his Rochester, NY show. (Rebecca is on the left, Renee is on the right)

Dear Static Noise Mag Supporters,

As I fondly reflect on the incredible journey that 2023 has been for us at Static Noise Mag, my heart brims with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. This year has gifted me the privilege of covering extraordinary opportunities and shows, bringing me back to the roots of a dream that has been nestled in my heart since 2001.

Static Noise Mag isn’t just a magazine; it’s the embodiment of a dream that has weathered the sands of time. After a hiatus, during which I explored different avenues, I realized that my heart undeniably belonged with Static Noise, guiding me back to the pursuit of my own dreams.

Covering these shows is more than a mere “hobby” for me. It’s a soul-stirring experience, a journey where I immerse myself in the music, stand in the photo pit, and connect with new artists and fans alike. In these moments, I find not just happiness but a profound sense of healing. Music, to me, is a remedy for our souls, a force that unites individuals in a shared vibe and understanding.

The relaunch of Static Noise Mag demanded hard work and a leap of faith, and looking back, I am immensely grateful for the courage I summoned in late April. A heartfelt thank you extends to my partner in crime and twin sister, Renee, whose dedication and brilliance played a pivotal role in creating the site’s template and relaunch. Special gratitude also goes to Nadine, whose contributions in covering shows and crafting exceptional articles and images have enriched Static Noise Mag. A shoutout to Jenn, a pillar of support in creating social media content and partnering with Nadine at the shows she covered!

I extend my deepest appreciation to the artists, publicists, venues, and their diligent staff for collaborating with us, elevating our show coverage to new heights.

As we eagerly anticipate 2024, I am excited about the prospect of encountering and covering more artists, continuously enhancing our content for Static Noise Mag. May the coming year be a beacon of success for everyone, for I am confident, in my heart, that the best is yet to come.

With heartfelt gratitude and unwavering excitement,