Styx Brings Timeless Rock Show to Syracuse’s Landmark Theater

Photos and review by Rebecca Clark

On the evening of March 24th, the Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY, was filled with anticipation as the legendary rock band Styx took the stage, accompanied by the talented Jay Psaros as their opener. Kicking off the night with just his guitar, Psaros immediately captivated the audience with his powerful vocals and soulful energy, setting the perfect tone for the evening. While predominantly performing his original compositions, Psaros’s rendition of “Purple Rain” was a standout moment, showcasing his versatility and skill.

After a brief intermission the lights dimmed and the front row of fans rushed to the stage with excitement as Styx burst onto the stage with bold and powerful energy, opening with classics like “Grand Illusion” and “Too Much Time.” Co-lead vocalist and keyboardist Lawrence Gowan mesmerized the audience with his dynamic stage presence, effortlessly working the crowd during hits like “Lady,” proving himself to be a seasoned entertainer.

Amidst the sensational energy of the performance, Styx took a heartfelt moment to celebrate Jeff Heintz one of their crew member’s birthday, showing their friendship and connection with their team. Throughout the night, co-lead vocalist and guitarist Tommy Shaw engaged with the audience, transporting them back in time with hits like “Crystal Ball” and “Blue Collar Man,” evoking sing-alongs and nostalgic memories from the diverse crowd.

As the night progressed, Shaw shared personal stories, adding depth to the performance, such as the story behind his banjo playing being included in the song “Our Wonderful Lives.” The band delved into their iconic repertoire, delivering powerful renditions of fan favorites like “Fooling Yourself” and “Come Sail Away,” with Gowan’s passionate performance standing atop his keyboard leaving an indelible impression.

Returning for an encore after a brief pause, Styx unleashed a final surge of energy with fan favorites “Mr. Roboto” and “Renegade,” leaving the audience exhilarated and wanting more. Beyond their musical talent, Styx demonstrated their commitment to giving back to local communities, with their Rock to the Rescue nonprofit organization raising funds for Humane CNY through a signed guitar raffle.

Styx’s performance at the Landmark Theater was a testament to their enduring legacy as rock icons, captivating audiences with their timeless hits, astonishing stage presence, and philanthropic endeavors. As the lights dimmed and the echoes of their final chords faded, it was evident that Styx’s music continues to resonate deeply with fans, transcending generations and leaving an unforgettable mark on Syracuse’s music scene.


Grand Illusion
Too Much Time
Miss America
Light Up
Sound The Alarm
Crystal Ball
Rockin’ The Paradise
Blue Collar Man
Our Wonderful Lives
Fooling Yourself
Khedive/ Lost At Sea
Come Sail Away

Mr. Roboto

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