Steven Page Opens the Great NY State Fair

Photos by Rebecca Clark

The rain held off miraculously for Steven Page’s show on the opening day of the NY State Fair, August 23rd. This signified his second successive year securing the opening slot, with a sea of familiar faces peppered throughout the audience. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Steven now resides in the Syracuse area, making his performance even more special for the audience.

Page’s captivating stage presence and remarkable performance skills left the crowd in awe. His vocals were spot-on, and his interactions with his band members and the audience showcased his delightful sense of humor. The seamless blend of his original compositions with a selection of songs from his former band, the Barenaked Ladies, created a well-rounded and engaging setlist.

The concert exuded a perfect balance between an upbeat and relaxed atmosphere. It was a fantastic way to inaugurate the Suburban Park stage at the NY State Fair. Page himself expressed his hopes of being invited back for another year, playfully suggesting that after three times, it would become a tradition. Steven’s performance was a memorable and enjoyable experience that set an excellent tone for the fair’s start. We hope he gets to come back and do it again next year!

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