Soen Give Rochester Fans Something To Believe

Photos and Review by Rebecca Clark

The Montage Music Hall in Rochester, NY, was abuzz with excitement on May 13th as fans gathered for a night of exceptional music headlined by the progressive rock band Soen. The evening began with an impressive set by Trope, who, despite being stripped down to just lead vocalist Diana Studenberg and guitarist Dave Thompson for this tour, delivered a performance full of passion and raw emotion.

Trope’s set was a beautiful showcase of their album Eleutheromania, featuring songs like “Lambs,” “Plateau,” “Surrogate,” “Breach,” “Planes,” “Seasons Change,” and “Pareidolia.” Studenberg’s powerful vocals, paired with Thompson’s skilled guitar work, created a unique sound that blended influences from Karnivool, 10 Years, and Evanescence. The emotional intensity of Studenberg’s performance was intense, making each song resonate deeply with the audience. It was a rare treat to see a female-fronted band dominate the stage with such presence and authenticity.

As the time for Soen’s performance approached, the anticipation in the room grew. The crowd filled the venue, eagerly awaiting the band’s appearance. Soen’s music, known for its blend of heavy yet melodic progressive rock, did not disappoint. Their sound, reminiscent of A Perfect Circle, is marked by lyrics that deeply resonate with fans, touching on themes of relationships and societal issues with a poetic and politically aware edge.

Lead vocalist Joel Ekelöf’s performance was particularly noteworthy. His intense emotional delivery and deep connection with the audience made for a compelling experience. Ekelöf’s habit of making eye contact and physically interacting with fans, such as grabbing hands and acknowledging dedicated followers, added a personal touch to the show. One memorable moment was when Ekelöf spotted a fan singing every lyric flawlessly, giving a nod of appreciation and later acknowledging the fan’s tattoo that paid homage to the band.

The cohesion and mutual respect among Soen’s members were evident throughout the performance. Guitarists Cody Ford and Lars Åhlund, bassist Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel, and Drummer Martin Lopez played with a synchronicity that highlighted their collective talent and chemistry. Each member had moments to shine with solos, showcasing their individual skills and contributing to the overall dynamic of the performance.

Soen’s setlist spanned their discography, with a particular focus on tracks from their latest album Memorial. The crowd was treated to powerful renditions of “Memorial,” “Unbreakable,” “Monarch,” “Lotus,” “Deceiver,” and the closing track “Violence.” The intimate setting of the Montage Music Hall allowed for an interactive experience, with die-hard fans passionately engaging with the band throughout the night.

Throughout their performance, Soen gave us something to believe in, infusing their music with heartfelt messages and emotional depth. The band’s ability to connect with the audience on such a profound level made the concert a transformative experience. Fans left the venue not only entertained but deeply moved by the heartfelt performances, reaffirming their belief in the power of music to touch the soul.

The show was a testament to the passion and artistry of both Trope and Soen. Each band brought their unique sound and emotional intensity to the stage, creating an unforgettable evening for all in attendance. Fans left the venue not only entertained but deeply moved by the heartfelt performances.

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