Seaforth Open for Bailey Zimmerman’s SOLD OUT Show

Photos and review by Rebecca Clark

On a wet and rainy day that threatened to put a damper on the spirits of concertgoers, the country music duo Seaforth managed to defy the weather gods and deliver an unforgettable performance at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY. The rain persisted throughout the show, but it was no match for the enthusiasm of the packed crowd who had gathered to witness Seaforth’s opening act for Bailey Zimmerman’s sold-out show on August 15th.

Seaforth, comprised of childhood friends Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, hailing from the Sydney Australia suburb of Seaforth, have come a long way since their days in the Aussie suburbs. Their journey to moving to Nashville full time in 2017 to chase their musical dreams has certainly paid off, as they captivated the audience from the moment they stepped on stage.

A highlight of the performance came when Seaforth performed their hit song “Queen of Daytona Beach,” a collaboration with Sean Kingston. The song, inspired by Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls,” showcased the duo’s knack for infusing their music with catchy melodies and classis songs they grew up listening to. The crowd danced and sang along, demonstrating that the rain could not dampen their spirits.

Seaforth’s authenticity and connection with their fans was undeniable throughout the show. They paused to give a nod to fellow country musician Mitchell Tenpenny before diving into their hit track “Anything She Says,” a collaboration that featured Tenpenny.

“Breakups” followed, accompanied by a heartfelt moment as Tom Jordan shared his own experience of heartbreak with the audience. His words of encouragement and understanding resonated deeply, reminding everyone that even in the midst of stormy emotions, brighter days are ahead.

Adding a playful twist to the evening, Seaforth engaged in a pre-performance ritual of tequila shots with their bandmates before launching into their song “Good Beer,” which is a collaboration with country artist Jordan Davis. This lighthearted moment underscored their bond as musicians and their ability to seamlessly blend friendship with their performance.

Seaforth’s songwriting talent and captivating stage presence left no doubt that they are destined for greatness. Despite the weather challenges, their performance was a testament to their dedication to their craft and their fans. After seeing them perform it’s clear that they’re a rising force in the country music scene.

It’s important to recognize the efforts of Seaforth’s management team, who went above and beyond to accommodate us that day and ensure a smooth experience. Our credentials weren’t where they were supposed to be, and their assistance was invaluable in ensuring that we could capture Seaforth’s performance.

Seaforth ended their set with incredible energy, performing their very first independently released song, “Been Better.” Our only complaint was that their set wasn’t long enough! This duo is not only musically gifted but also a group of down-to-earth individuals who are undoubtedly on the path to greatness.

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