PHOTO GALLERY: REO Speedwagon at the New York State Fair on August 28, 2023

Photos by Renee Quade

On August 28, 2023, music enthusiasts and nostalgia seekers alike were treated to an unforgettable REO Speedwagon concert at the New York State Fair as they headlined the Suburban Park stage on day 6 of the fair. Against the backdrop of a moonlit sky and amidst the excited chatter of the crowd, the legendary rock band took to the stage, instantly transporting the audience back in time with their iconic sound. As Kevin Cronin’s distinctive voice resonated through the air, belting out classics like “Can’t Fight This Feeling” and “Keep On Loving You,” a palpable wave of energy swept over the sea of fans. Guitar solos reverberated, drum beats pulsated, and the crowd’s unified voices sang along, creating an atmosphere charged with a sense of unity and shared musical history. Tonight’s REO Speedwagon concert became more than just a show for their fans; it was a time-traveling journey that celebrated the enduring power of their music and its ability to forge connections across generations.

See photos from the show below: