PHOTO GALLERY: Claudia Hoyser live at Kegs Canalside, November 17, 2023

Claudia Hoyser and her full band’s performance at Kegs Canalside on November 17, 2023, radiated with an undeniable charm and infectious energy. Despite the intimate crowd size, Hoyser’s genuine excitement to be there shone through every moment of her set. Backed by her talented band, she effortlessly blended country, blues, and folk into a captivating musical experience that left attendees enthralled.

Hoyser’s powerhouse vocals and heartfelt connection with the audience transformed the evening into an unforgettable affair. Her willingness to engage with fans both on and offstage, including riding the venue’s mechanical bull, added an extra layer of intimacy and fun. By the end of the night, Hoyser had not only won over the crowd but also left a lasting impression, cementing her status as an artist to watch in the world of country music.