Scott Stevens

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Exies Inertia album release, and to help celebrate the milestone, Scott Stevens will be releasing a new song by The Exies, “Spirits High.” While keeping the nostalgic sound of The Exies, this track delves into the dark spiritual conflict that the global shutdown of 2020 ushered into his life. Written by Scott Stevens, a songwriter, producer, singer and instrumentalist whose work has made a major impact in the Rock and Alternative music landscape, “Spirits High” tell’s his truth about just how much the pandemic affected him saying that this song is a result of “the pandemic and its effect on me becoming unhinged to the point where depression and sense of dread filled me everyday, while trying to find every reason to stay optimistic, and knowing that I’m never not where I should be spiritually. That was the conflict.”

From the launch of his career stemming from being the front man for the early 2000’s rock band, The Exies, an American alternative rock/post-grunge band from Los Angeles, California, Scott has been on the up and up. Some of Scott’s songwriter and production credits with artists include Shinedown, Halestorm, Nothing More, Highly Suspect, Chris Daughtry, Ayron Jones, New Years Day, Scott Stapp, American Authors and many more, Scott’s career has included more than 10 #1 Active Rock Radio songs, over 20 Top 5’s and over 30 Top 10’s in the same format. Some of his number ones include Shinedown’s “How Did You Love,” Halestorm’s “Back from the Dead,” “The Steeple,” and “Amen,” and Skillet’s “Sick of It” and “Rise.”

Before “The Exies”, short for “The Existentialists”, quietly disbanded in 2011, they had multiple radio hits including their song “Ugly” from 3rd album Head for the Door which has over 13 million all time streams and continues to grow. Now, 20 years after their initial album, Inertia, come’s “Spirits High.” The meaning behind this song is simple “You are always where you’re supposed to be even when you question it,” but can be much more difficult to live by. “This song is something that just came to me one cold morning in the fall of 2020” says Scott. “It wasn’t planned. It took some time to manifest but it was true in every sense of what I was going through in 2020 months before. It developed slowly over a year and a half as I was in no rush. Why should I be? I hadn’t put any music out with my voice about something that was personal to me in 15 years. I never intended to release music again but this just kept crawling back into my life and haunting me to finish it. I literally tried many times to ignore it and I even gave up twice before its completion. But in the end the song, like words in a diary, had to be written down so I could get it out and move on.”

Spirits High is available now