Arejay Hale and Taylor Carroll met each other in a Mall of America parking lot in 2009, both on tour with their respective bands. They quickly bonded over their shared love of rock music, and despite going their separate ways, they stayed in touch over the years. In 2015, they met up in a bar in Los Angeles and talked about working together someday. However, their busy touring schedules and other commitments always seemed to get in the way, and they never found the time to make it happen.

It took a global pandemic to finally bring the two musicians together to form their new band, KEMIKALFIRE. They started writing, recording, and creating demos together over FaceTime, Zoom, or in the studio whenever possible. With the help of producers and writers Scott Stevens and Erik Ron, they developed the band’s unique sound and direction.

In January 2023, KEMIKALFIRE finally took to the stage to headline their first show at the Knitting Factory in North Hollywood, CA. The chemistry and energy between Hale and Carroll were palpable, and the crowd was buzzing with excitement. They performed their unreleased original music to an adoring crowd, who sang back the second chorus after having only heard it once before.

The blistering performance proved that KEMIKALFIRE’s “some day” had finally arrived. The band is set to reveal their first studio recordings in Spring 2023, and fans can’t wait to hear what they have in store. With two talented musicians working harmoniously to create their music, KEMIKALFIRE is sure to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rock music. Stay tuned for more updates from this exciting new band.