Empire State Bastard

Empire State Bastard, the new extreme metal trio consisting of Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro, Mike Vennart from Vennart and Oceansize/Biffy Clyro, and Dave Lombardo from Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, and Testament, has just released their debut single, “Harvest.” The single draws inspiration from Siege, Slayer, and Mike Patton’s solo work with Faith No More, and it is two minutes and fifty seconds of intense riffing, screamed vocals, and flat-out, pounding drums. The chorus lyric, “It’s high time you took what you’ve broken,” only adds to the ferocity of the song.

The trio came together during downtime between Biffy Clyro tours, bonding over their love for “the heaviest, most avant-garde or the most sickeningly confrontational music they could find.” Their forthcoming debut album promises to be just as adventurous, exploring every dark crevice of metal and genre-adjacent extremity.

“Harvest” is a bold statement from Empire State Bastard, showcasing their talent and passion for heavy music. The combination of Neil’s and Vennart’s guitar work and Lombardo’s drumming is electrifying, with the trio working together seamlessly to create a sound that is both aggressive and innovative. It is a must-listen for any fan of extreme metal and anyone looking for something new and exciting in the genre.

In conclusion, Empire State Bastard’s debut single “Harvest” is an excellent representation of the band’s talent and their commitment to creating music that pushes boundaries. With their upcoming debut album promising to explore new sonic territories, it’s clear that this is a band to keep an eye on in the world of extreme metal.