Nothing More’s New Album ‘Carnal’ Delivers A Powerful and Cathartic Experience

Review by Rebecca Clark

Nothing More’s new album, Carnal, set to be released on June 28th, is a stunning follow-up that perfectly complements their previous release, Spirits. Where Spirits was ethereal, focusing on the soul, mental health, and existential questions, Carnal serves as its darker counterpart, delving into the physical and primal aspects of the human experience. This duality is visually represented by the album covers: Spirits in white and Carnal in black, making Carnal the Yin to Spirits Yang.

The album explores the intricate balance of energy between body and soul, offering a raw and visceral dive into the struggles of healing when life’s pain cuts deep into your core. The journey begins with tracks like “House of Sand” and “If It Doesn’t Hurt,” which candidly address the struggles of relationships and life’s hardships. As the album progresses, songs such as “Free Fall” and “Down The River” depict the tumultuous process of healing. Finally, tracks like “Give It Time” and “Stuck” provide a sense of resolution, reassuring listeners that they can emerge stronger and whole.

Carnal opens with the title track and an evocative excerpt from philosopher Alan Watts, a recurring motif in Nothing More’s discography. The wisdom in his words, “If you want life, don’t cling to it, Let go,” sets the stage for the album’s profound exploration of life’s lessons. These excerpts are seamlessly interwoven throughout the album, enhancing the powerful messages of each song that plays after the excerpts.

The collaboration with renowned producer WZRD BLD gives the album a cohesive and polished feel, further enhanced by the expert mixing and mastering of Zakk Cervini.

The first single “If It Doesn’t Hurt” stands out with its hard-hitting beats and evocative lyrics, capturing the anguish of a toxic relationship: “It’s hard to stay and hard to walk away, You lied to me, Spinning in the dark, It took me years to see that you had sucked the life out of me.” The song features a pivotal lyric that captures the struggle of staying in a relationship fueled by the hope that things will improve. Ultimately, this hope inflicts more harm than good, as expressed in the line: “Cause holding on to hope is a different kind of pain.”

Carnal features remarkable collaborations with artists like David Draiman of Disturbed on “Angel Song,” Eric Vanlerberghe of I Prevail on “House of Sand,” and rap rocker Sinizter on “Stuck.” These collaborations add depth and diversity to the album, highlighting Nothing More’s respected position within the rock community.

Throughout Carnal, Nothing More pushes the boundaries of their genre while remaining true to their core sound. They excel in creating unique, progressive rock music that is both innovative and deeply expressive. Lyrically, they masterfully convey vulnerability with a keen, insightful perspective.

“Free Fall,” one of the album’s predominant tracks, combines melodic elements with heavy-hitting lyrics: “I’ve got a million reasons to hold on, But I need one to let it go. I smile like I’m okay, But I got pain that no one knows.” The song vividly captures the sensation of free falling while processing and healing from life’s emotional curveballs.

Carnal resonates with profound emotion, blending raw vulnerability with powerful lyrics, especially evident in the track “Down The River.” This song perfectly encapsulates the theme of shedding burdens and emotions that no longer serve us. Lead vocalist Johnny Hawkins delivers a passionate performance, creating a moment of epiphany that emphasizes our ability to liberate ourselves from pain. Once we let go, the universe supports us, propelling us forward like a powerful river current. The verse, “It all gets swept away, With every fuck I gave, every fuck I gave, And all the faces fade, And all the love we made, all the love we made, Life still carries on, On and on and on, On and on and on, I’ll keep pushing on, I’ll keep holding strong,” captures this impactful release and the strength to move forward.

Towards the end of the album, Nothing More offers powerful words of encouragement in the track “Stuck,” urging listeners to dig deep and confront their inner struggles with their shadow-work. The lyrics, “Do not assume, I got this attitude, From a lucky hand I drew, I pulled this out the dirt, I did the dirty work,” inspire resilience and the courage to embrace and reflect on the suppressed parts of ourselves.

From start to finish, Carnal is a testament to Nothing More’s growth and musical talent. Featuring respected artists, experimental sounds, and deeply vulnerable lyrics, the album offers a powerful and cathartic experience. Carnal is a must-listen for anyone on a healing journey, providing impeccable music and reassuring messages that you will be ok and make it through to the other side once you “Give It Time.”

CARNAL Track Listing:

1. | CARNAL |
2. HOUSE ON SAND (feat. Eric V Of I Prevail)
4. ANGEL SONG (feat. David Draiman)
7. | HEAD |
9. | HEART |
12. | SIGHT |
13. STUCK (feat. Sinizter)
15. | SOUND |

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