Norah Jones Creates a Magical and Intimate Experience at CMAC

Photos by Rebecca Clark | Review by Renee Clark Quade and Rebecca Clark

On July 5th, the CMAC stage was graced with the presence of two extraordinary artists: the legendary Mavis Staples and the enchanting Norah Jones. The evening began with Mavis Staples, who, despite being in her 80s, showcased a voice that remains as powerful and compelling as ever. Her performance was a testament to her enduring talent and undeniable stage presence.

Norah Jones opened her set with an intimate setup, just her on the piano, accompanied by a drummer and a guitar player. Dressed in a lovely pink pastel dress that harmonized perfectly with the pink and pastel-themed backdrop, she immediately set a visually appealing tone for the night. Her band members complemented this theme with their attire, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing stage presence.

The second song, “Swept Up In The Night,” featured a delightful surprise as Mavis Staples joined Jones on stage, blending their voices beautifully. This collaboration was a highlight of the evening, showcasing the seamless harmony between the two artists.

The third song, “Running,” from Norah’s new record, marked the entrance of her full band. Jones’ versatility shone as she transitioned between playing the piano, electric guitar, and electric piano throughout the performance. Her skillful play on the electric guitar, paired with her soulful voice, created a magical and deeply emotional experience.

Jones’ recently released album, “Visions,” was well represented in her setlist. Songs like “Queen of the Sea,” where she dazzled in sparkling pink high heels while playing the electric guitar, were particularly memorable. Other tracks from the album, including “Staring at The Wall,” “I Just Wanna Dance,” and “Paradise,” showcased her lyrical mastery and instrumental versatility.

The atmosphere of Norah Jones’ concert was remarkably low-key and intimate, making the large amphitheater feel like a cozy club. Her interactions with the audience were genuine and heartfelt, further enhancing her personal connection with her fans. Her jazz and soulful sound, combined with her calming presence and inspirational lyrics, created a serene and enchanting experience that felt like a pause from the hustle and bustle of life.

In addition to her new material, Norah treated the audience to beloved classics such as “Sunrise,” “Begin Again,” “Happy Pills,” and “The Long Way Home.” Midway through her set, she showcased her adaptability by switching from piano to electric piano and then to guitar for the following songs.

As the evening drew to a close, Jones performed “Come Away With Me,” prompting some of the crowd to prematurely head for the exits. Those who stayed were rewarded with her final song, the iconic “Don’t Know Why,” ending the night on a high note.

Norah Jones’ concert at CMAC was a heartwarming and magical experience, filled with soulful music, intimate vibes, and a touch of nostalgic charm. It was a night to remember for all who attended.

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