+Live+ Delivers Something Sweeter To Ithaca

Photos by Rebecca Clark | Review by Renee Clark Quade

Live’s acoustic performance at the State Theater in Ithaca, NY on Friday, March 1st was nothing short of spectacular, a testament to the timeless power of their music. Opening with the fan favorite “The Dam at Otter Creek,” lead vocalist Ed Kowalczyk set the tone for the evening, exuding charisma in his stylish attire, complete with aviators.

As they delved into “Selling the Drama,” Kowalczyk’s infectious smile lit up the stage, drawing the audience further into their world. Encouraging everyone to join him in shaking off their worries during “The Distance,” Kowalczyk’s classic booty shake brought a fun energy to the performance, echoing the song’s message of letting loose and enjoying life’s moments.

The inclusion of “Ghost,” a track not performed since 1999, was a special treat for hardcore fans, adding a nostalgic touch to the setlist. Similarly, “Leave the Light” from Kowalczyk’s unreleased Blues project, “Goose Blackstone,” provided a glimpse into the band’s creative depths, enriched by Kowalczyk’s personal anecdotes shared throughout the show.

Stories behind songs like “Overcome” added an intimate layer to the evening, showcasing the band’s impact beyond the music itself. Kowalczyk revealed that their initial taste of going “viral” occurred with the release of “Overcome,” coinciding with the tragic events of 9/11. In a heartfelt moment, Kowalczyk expressed deep gratitude knowing their song provided solace during such a challenging period for many.

Live’s acoustic set revealed a newfound intimacy as stripped-down versions of their songs allowed for a deeper emotional connection with the audience. The stripped down versions of songs “All Over You,” “I Alone,” and “The Dolphins Cry” deeply resonated with fans, serving as a poignant reminder of the enduring allure of Live’s music.

Despite featuring new members, the band’s cohesion was evident, delivering flawless renditions of their beloved songs. Kowalczyk’s ability to effortlessly hit the high notes further highlighted the band’s musical ability.

The crowd’s energy was evident, especially during upbeat tracks like “Lakini’s Juice,” Live’s performance was a mutual exchange of passion between band and audience. The encore, featuring classics like “Horse” and “Lightning Crashes,” was a fitting conclusion to an unforgettable night, leaving fans yearning for more.

Live’s concert was a sweet escape into the depths of their timeless melodies, proving once again that their music transcends generations. It was a privilege to witness such a masterful display of musical prowess and heartfelt performance.

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