Godsmack, Staind, Mix Master Mike – Syracuse NY

Godsmack - Syracuse, NY

Photos and Review by: Nadine Swiger

The Syracuse, NY at St Joseph’s Amphitheater stage came alive with a night of electrifying performances as Mix Master Mike, Staind, and Godsmack took the audience on a rollercoaster ride through music history.

Kicking things off was Mix Master Mike, the turntable extraordinaire renowned for his work with The Beastie Boys. With a deft touch, he spun a mesmerizing mix of hits that effortlessly traversed genres and eras. From the nostalgic beats of old school Beastie Boys to the iconic sounds of Run DMC, Rob Zombie, Pantera, and Papa Roach, Mix Master Mike created a dynamic bridge that transported the crowd back to the 90s and back through to 2023! The energy in the air was palpable as he skillfully navigated the tricky terrain of diverse musical styles, setting the stage for a night of rock that had the crowd moving and grooving to the rhythm of his masterful performance.

Staind, making a triumphant return after a 12-year hiatus, seized the spotlight next, proving that time had only added to their musical prowess. Opening with the compelling “Lowest In Me” from their latest album “Confessions Of The Fallen,” it was immediately evident that Staind was back and stronger than ever. The night was a journey through their iconic discography, with heart-rending vocals and electrifying guitar work.

From the poignant melodies of “Eyes Wide Open” to the anthemic “Right Here,” the haunting “Fade” to the emotional resonance of “It’s Been Awhile” and “Something To Remind You,” Staind’s performance was a powerful reminder of their enduring impact on the rock scene. The night culminated in a cathartic explosion of sound with “Mudshovel,” leaving the audience in awe of Staind’s reinvigorated energy.

Staind - Syracuse NY

Headlining the evening was none other than Boston’s own Godsmack, celebrating an impressive 25-year journey from intimate bars to the grandeur of the amphitheater stage. They wasted no time in delivering a full-fledged rock spectacle, complete with explosive pyrotechnics that magnified the intensity of their sound.

Erna and drummer Shannon Larkin performed together, engaging in a drum battle featuring songs like Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way” and jamming to Metallica. Pyrotechnics were synchronized with their performance, with pyros going off on each drummer’s side of the stage. They played a playful “Simon says” game with the pyrotechnics team, with Erna successfully tricking them on the last attempt.

Godsmack’s performance was a true testament to their musical evolution, ranging from the hauntingly beautiful “Under Your Scars” – an emotional ballad that resonated deeply – to their relentless commitment to tackling mental health issues through The Scars Foundation. The poignant message behind their music was reflected in the meaningful work of the foundation, addressing issues like depression, addiction, bullying, and more.

Erna played the piano during “Under Your Scars” which had a QR code for The Scars Foundation, the piano also had the foundation’s slogan “We are all imperfectly perfect” written on the fallboard. Erna took a moment to thank their fans for being here for 25 Years as a backdrop fell with the message along with all of their album covers.

Throughout the night, Godsmack unleashed a relentless barrage of hits spanning their illustrious career. From the hypnotic rhythms of “Voodoo” to the raw power of “Cryin’ Like A Bitch,” the evocative “Awake,” the anthemic “When Legends Rise” to the timeless “Whatever,” and ending their set with the iconic “I Stand Alone,” Godsmack’s setlist was a masterclass in rock dynamics. With their trademark intensity and magnetic stage presence, they left no doubt that they were the rightful headliners of the evening.

As the tour continues to crisscross North America until the end of October, audiences across the continent should keep their eyes peeled for this remarkable lineup. The night in Syracuse was a testament to the enduring power of rock music, uniting generations under the banner of timeless melodies, electrifying performances, and a shared passion for the artistry that unites us all. Don’t miss the chance to catch this tour when it comes to a city near you – it’s an unforgettable experience that pays homage to the rich tapestry of rock history while pushing the boundaries of musical innovation.