Everclear Celebrates 30 Years of Music at Kegs Canalside

Photos and review by Rebecca Clark

Everclear’s recent performance on July 27th at Kegs Canalside was nothing short of a nostalgic and incredible experience for fans in the Syracuse area. Year after year, the band has graced the region with their presence during their tours, creating an eagerly anticipated tradition.

Celebrating an impressive 31 years together, Everclear stands as a testament to enduring musical mastery. Witnessing a band maintain such strength and enthusiasm over the decades is truly remarkable and inspiring.

Lead vocalist Art Alexakis, a skilled songwriter, exudes a close friendship that is felt throughout the entire band. Despite his ongoing battle with MS, Alexakis remains an unstoppable force on stage, delivering a captivating performance that reflects his resilience. Between songs, he offered fans a glimpse into his personal life, sharing stories of his sobriety and the challenges of parenthood with his teenagers. This openness allowed the audience to connect on a deeper level with his genuine personality.

While Alexakis shines as a songwriter, his humbleness is equally noteworthy. His interactions with fans and his genuine appreciation for his fellow bandmates reveal a true sense of gratitude. Alexakis also showed his sense of humor when he changed out his guitar mid set playfully remarking, “looks like someone gave grandpa a whammy bar!”

Bassist Freddy Herrera adds another layer of liveliness to the performance, displaying a contagious energy that resonates with the audience. His spirited bass playing, accompanied by his bouncing, dancing, and spinning, exudes an infectious joy that is impossible to ignore.

The setlist was a well-curated blend of Everclear’s iconic hits, from the anthemic “So Much for the Afterglow” and the catchy “AM Radio” to the timeless “Santa Monica.” The band’s rendition of Thin Lizzy’s classic “The Boys are Back in Town” added a delightful twist to the night.

Everclear’s live performance is an absolute must-see, particularly for those who cherish the sounds of the 90s. Their stage presence is invigorating, igniting a contagious energy that keeps the audience smiling and dancing throughout. The band’s engagement with their fans is notable, and their enduring spark continues to captivate and entertain.

As if the live show wasn’t exciting enough, fans have even more to look forward to. Everclear announced that they have an upcoming album, Live at the Whisky a Go Go, set to release on September 8th. This album promises to be a remarkable celebration of the band’s 30th anniversary. Featuring their greatest hits alongside new studio tracks, the album is sure to be a treasured addition to the collection of any devoted fan.

Be sure to check out the band’s fall tour dates and you can pre order their album now!

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