Country Sensation Claudia Hoyser’s Spectacular Debut at Inn at Waneta Sets the Stage on Fire!

Photos by Renee Clark Quade | Review by Rebecca Clark

Claudia Hoyser’s sold-out show at the Inn at Waneta on Saturday, March 9, 2024 was nothing short of a spectacular evening filled with powerhouse vocals, soulful country flair, and an abundance of energy and passion. The venue, nestled by the picturesque Waneta Lake, served as the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable night of music.

The concert marked the inaugural event for the Inn at Waneta, which opened its doors in January of 2024, and it quickly established itself as a hidden gem in the southern part of the Finger Lakes region. The venue’s stunning setting, overlooking Waneta Lake, added a touch of magic to the night, creating a unique atmosphere that enhanced the overall concert experience.

Claudia Hoyser, known for her dynamic stage presence, took the stage with her guitar player Ryan Hurley, captivating the sold-out crowd for an incredible three-hour performance. The diverse audience, spanning across all ages, eagerly anticipated her blend of original songs and covers.

Performing her original soulful song “Red Lights Turning Green,” Claudia showcased her vocal talent, setting the tone for an evening filled with musical magic. Her original track “She’s Smokin'” further highlighted her unique country style, drawing the audience into her world of storytelling through song.

The setlist included crowd-pleasing covers from country stars such as Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town, but a special highlight came when Claudia fulfilled a fan’s request for Jake Owen’s “Down To the Honkeytonk.” The crowd erupted in cheers, appreciating Claudia’s versatility and ability to connect with her audience.

As the night progressed, the atmosphere became electric, with more and more people joining in on the dance floor. Claudia’s infectious energy spread throughout the room, and she even surprised fans by joining them for a line dance during one of her songs, creating a memorable and interactive experience.

The event was a seamless collaboration between the Inn at Waneta and the talented staff at Stunning & Brilliant Events, ensuring that the concert was not only about the music but also about providing a top-notch overall experience. The bar, stocked with delightful offerings from Weis Vineyards and Tub Town Brewing, complemented the night perfectly, allowing concertgoers to enjoy delicious local wine and beer while taking in the breathtaking views.

Claudia Hoyser’s sold-out show at the Inn at Waneta was a testament to the venue’s potential as a premier entertainment destination in the Finger Lakes. With its stunning location, impeccable amenities, and the electrifying performance by Claudia and her band, this event marked the beginning of what promises to be a vibrant and successful future for the Inn at Waneta.

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