Butcher Babies Slay It In Syracuse NY

Photos and review by Rebecca Clark

All the bands that graced the Psychotherapy Sessions tour alongside Mudvayne delivered an unforgettable evening, but it’s the Butcher Babies who truly left us in awe when they opened the show on August 1st in Syracuse, NY.

Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, the fierce leading ladies of Butcher Babies, command the stage with an unparalleled presence. They exude sheer intensity throughout their performance, never missing a beat, even as they thrash their hair and headbang with wild abandon. Their vocal skillfulness, from harmonious melodies to bone-rattling metal growls, is simply outstanding, prompting the entire crowd to join in, headbanging and jumping in unison. Witnessing the sheer talent and charisma of this dynamic frontwoman duo was a true revelation, as they skillfully connected with the audience, creating a powerful bond during their invigorating set.

Amidst the energy and chaos, Butcher Babies showcased a more intimate and stripped-down side with their song “Last December,” offering a captivating contrast.

Butcher Babies, despite their relatively short set, left an indelible mark by performing their hit tracks, including “Red Thunder,” “Monster’s Ball,” “Beaver Cage,” and their delightful rendition of “Best Friend.” The Butcher Babies proved themselves to be the ultimate showstoppers of the night, setting the stage on fire with their commanding presence and musical adroitness.

Butcher Babies Photo Gallery