Adventure with Shakey Graves – SOLD OUT Lincoln Hill Farms

Photos and review by Rebecca Clark

On a warm summer night on August 9th, music enthusiasts from far and wide gathered at Lincoln Hill Farms in Canandaigua, NY, for a highly anticipated SOLD OUT concert featuring the one and only Shakey Graves. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the stage lit up, and anticipation crackled in the air, setting the scene for an immersive experience that would not disappoint.

The atmosphere was captivating right from the start as the theme song from the classic film “ET” played, evoking a sense of nostalgia and excitement. Among the cheers and applause, Shakey Graves emerged, immediately capturing the crowd’s attention with his magnetic stage presence. However, what truly set the tone for the night was Shakey’s decision to engage the audience in the creative process. He posed a question to the crowd, asking for suggestions for the theme of the night. In response, a passionate fan eagerly shouted out “Adventure!” Embracing this spontaneous idea, Shakey seamlessly adopted the theme, embarking on a musical journey like no other.

The opening chords of “Days of June” resonated through the air, signaling the commencement of an unforgettable performance. Shakey disclosed that this song was a rare gem in his repertoire, making it a special treat for the audience. Through poignant lyrics, he shared a personal tale of heartache and growth, recounting a breakup that had deeply affected him. It was a breakup that hit hard, as he had believed this person was destined to be his life partner. With every strum of his guitar and each note from his emotive voice, Shakey painted a vivid portrait of his past.

Shakey’s seamless fusion of storytelling and music became evident as he opened up about his contemplations on mortality and other introspections. This added an intimate layer to the show, a remarkable feat considering its sold-out status. His musical talent shone as he effortlessly transitioned between singing, playing the guitar, and utilizing his custom-designed suitcase setup complete with a kick drum and tambourine stand.

Integrating fresh material from his new EP Big in the World, which was released on August 9th, Shakey showcased his evolving artistry. The resonating power of “Big in the World” and “Evergreen” added a new dimension to his already impressive discography. As the evening progressed, Shakey disclosed that this marked the first sold-out show on the tour, a testament to the burgeoning enthusiasm of his fan base.

As the concert neared its conclusion, Shakey’s playful antics took center stage. Teasingly mimicking smashing his guitar, he humorously announced plans to acquire a new one for his bandmate Pat, whose birthday coincided with the performance that day. This charm and wit epitomized Shakey Graves’ charismatic appeal, leaving the audience completely captivated by not only his remarkable talent but also the magnetic presence he effortlessly commanded on stage.

The encore showcased Shakey Graves alone on stage, providing a fitting bookend to a night that had initially begun with just him and his guitar. Joined by the audience’s clapping, he delivered a spellbinding solo performance. Concluding with the resonant notes of “Roll the Bones,” Shakey left an indelible impression on everyone present.

Before bidding farewell, Shakey Graves extended his gratitude to the audience, encouraging them to embrace meaningful choices and embark on adventures. With a final wave and a heartfelt “thank you,” he exited the stage, leaving behind a crowd deeply moved by both his music and his message. The night surpassed mere concert status, evolving into a collective journey of music, storytelling, and the human spirit’s quest for adventure.

Shakey will be releasing his 4th studio album Movie of the Week on September 15th, which will include the 4 songs off his Big in the World EP. You can pre-order it here!

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